The Best Prom Handbag This Season is a Christian Dior Handbag!

Ok, girls, it's time to get serious about prom! We need to find a dress first, then shoes, accessories, a handbag, a hair stylist and a makeup artist. Is someone calling a limo company and making a hotel reservation? Yes, there is a lot of planning that goes into prom, but it is worth it because if you plan every detail, you will have the most amazing night of your life! Now, there might be some drama, like another girl might have your same dress or your date brings you an ugly corsage, but stay cool and you will be the shining star of the night!

So, you should already have the dress and considering that handbags are the most important accessory, let's talk about why you need a Christian Dior bag for prom. You might already own a Dior or you might not want to copy the girls that have one, but listen up... Christian Dior handbags are the hottest thing out right now and you need to be most fashionable girl at the prom!

Now that you have decided that you will buy a Dior to complete your fabulous outfit, which one do you choose? One of my favorites is their black evening bag with Swarovski crystals on the chain. Clutches are all over the runways and this clutch is the one that everyone wants. If your dress is pink, you have to buy the Lady Dior in pink. Not only is this bag quilted (like the quilted Tory Burch flat that everyone has), but it comes with silver charms! These are just some of my favs, hopefully you love them too!

If you still need more Christian Dior handbag options, one of the best ways to find them is to go on YouTube and watch the Dior runway shows from fashion week. That's how I find all of the newest bags and you will also see tons of great hair and makeup ideas that you can use when you are getting your hair and makeup done. I hope that reading this has helped you find the perfect Dior outlet uk for your dress and I know that you will be so happy with your choice, especially with all of the looks that you'll get from the other girls!

My final advice is make sure that you show this article to your mom... as soon as she reads it she will agree that a Dior bags is exactly what you need to complete your outfit!


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