How to Spot a Fake Christian Dior Handbag

Christian Dior labels: One of the first areas you should inspect when trying to identify a fake handbag is the inner label. On a CD bag, it should have a few distinct features that will separate the authentic from the counterfeit handbags on the market.

Stitching: Newer model dior handbags should have the stitching on the label cover all four sides of the label. Meaning the stitching should act as a frame for the label. Many of the fake Dior handbags have the stitch lines running only along the top of the label. However, for older vintage bags, (prior to 1990-92), the leather label will be stitched across the top only. This distinction is important between the old and the new.

Label Corners: The bottom corners of the label should be rounded, on authentic CD, and squared off on the top corners of the label.Dior outlet uk This is an important feature and one that the counterfeiter will often overlook. The corners often times on a fake will be squared off on all sides, or vice versa, rounded on all sides. This is an easy tell you can spot very quickly.

Logo and stamps: Stamps on the label should be embossed, high quality impressions, and they should always be centered. Many fakes will have off-center and stamp impressions. "Christian Dior," with "PARIS," centered below should be embossed on the front of the label. While on the label backside, "Made in Italy," or possibly, "Made in Spain" along with the serial numbers should be embossed. Good luck and safe shopping!


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