Christian Dior Handbags Are the Definition of Classic Beauty

If you look up the definition of the word classic in the dictionary, you will see other words like quality, standard and enduring. Then you look up the definition of beauty and you see words like pleasure, satisfaction and meaningful. All of these words combined describe all of the pieces in the Christian Dior handbag line! I just bought my first Dior bag and for the first time, I feel like I have made a very wise investment. So, in honor of the haute couture house, here is a quick and impressive history of Christian Dior and how he made Paris the city of fashion.

Christian Dior immersed himself in his drawings when he was small and then blossomed into a designer when he took a job with Robert Piguet. Years passed, Dior fought in the war, then returned to designing. In 1947, everything changed. Marcel Bousssan convinced Dior to join him in the couture world. He assigned him the task of 90 new designs and on February 12, Dior presented Corolle, which means ring of petals and perfectly described the feminine and flower-like dresses. The media fell in love and named Dior's line the New Look.

During the 1950's, Christian grew his empire to include perfumes, stockings, ties and handbags. In 1957, he died of a heart attack, but the Dior name would live on. Yves St. Laurent, Christian's longtime assistant, took over as head designer and introduced the Trapeze dress. When St. Laurent left for military duty, March Bohan filled in and introduced Baby Dior, knitwear and menswear.

In 1997 another monumental event occurred in the House of Dior. Juan Carlos Galliano (professionally known as John Galliano) one of the most influential designers of our time, took over as Chief Designer. Galliano has given the fashion world the most whimsical, romantic and colorful shows, starting with his first show where he replicated Christian Dior's showroom from the 40's as the backdrop.

So with all of this amazing history, it is no wonder that Dior is still the name that women turn to when they need to feel classic and beautiful. The latest Galliano line featured the most beautiful handbags that I have ever feasted my eyes on. Ruffles, khaki, quilted leather and exotic skins made for some really different looking handbags! I hope that knowing more about the lasting impression of Christian Dior has convinced you that it is worth it to invest in a Christian Dior handbag. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!


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