Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Dior Outlet UK Be Authentic and Unique in a Dior Saddle Bag

Christian Dior has always been the name to look for when you want a high-quality handbag that exudes with functionality and style. The man does create the most authentic designed handbags in the world and so it is not surprising to know that he created a Dior saddle bag to suit your needs and fashion sense.

This specific Dior UK bag is uniquely made of a supple and rinsed calf leather that is creased and folder over to effectively take the shape of a saddle. This gives the bag a unique Western look especially that it is embellished with lambskin links aside from the adornment of the antique and rather over sized silver buckle belt. The bag is even designed with a fashionable copy of the "1947" Christian Dior medallion along with a large key that serves as its logo.

Dior handbags is specially made for women who find it hard to stay organized with their so many girl stuffs. If you are one of these women then you will definitely see the bag as a god-send because it has got spacious and zipped compartments in each flap for your stashing needs. It even got a convenient buckled mobile phone packet to make it much easier for you to organize even the smallest of your stuffs. You can swing it on your shoulder with its adjustable calfskin strap adorn with silver links for that more flashy look.

You will surely love Christian Dior more for designing this Dior outlet uk gaucho handbag. The fashion collector in you would want to add this bag on your list of favorites, especially the one which is richly designed with crocodile prints where each scale is hand stitched to make a copy of real crocodile leather. It is not cheap though at $3,800, but the price will make up for its luxurious and beautiful design.

Monday, 23 April 2018

How to Spot a Fake Christian Dior Handbag

Christian Dior labels: One of the first areas you should inspect when trying to identify a fake handbag is the inner label. On a CD bag, it should have a few distinct features that will separate the authentic from the counterfeit handbags on the market.

Stitching: Newer model dior handbags should have the stitching on the label cover all four sides of the label. Meaning the stitching should act as a frame for the label. Many of the fake Dior handbags have the stitch lines running only along the top of the label. However, for older vintage bags, (prior to 1990-92), the leather label will be stitched across the top only. This distinction is important between the old and the new.

Label Corners: The bottom corners of the label should be rounded, on authentic CD, and squared off on the top corners of the label.Dior outlet uk This is an important feature and one that the counterfeiter will often overlook. The corners often times on a fake will be squared off on all sides, or vice versa, rounded on all sides. This is an easy tell you can spot very quickly.

Logo and stamps: Stamps on the label should be embossed, high quality impressions, and they should always be centered. Many fakes will have off-center and stamp impressions. "Christian Dior," with "PARIS," centered below should be embossed on the front of the label. While on the label backside, "Made in Italy," or possibly, "Made in Spain" along with the serial numbers should be embossed. Good luck and safe shopping!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Where to Find a Christian Dior Handbag For Less Money

Christian Dior is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. The namesake of its founder, Christian Dior, the company began in France and has grown to more than 60 worldwide stores. Department stores are licensed to sell Dior accessories, but not clothing. Retailers sell such Dior accessories as sunglasses, scarves and ties, perfumes, jewelry, lingerie and handbags. The young Christian Dior, former heir to his family's fertilizer fortune, has grown into a worldwide fashion empire.

Finding Christian Dior handbags is a relatively easy task. There are many online as well as brick and mortar stores that market Christian Dior handbags. In addition to Christian Dior handbags, you can purchase bags from many other designers such as Ford, Versace, Celine, Fendi, Juicy Couture, Jean Paul Gaultier, Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Baccarat, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY.

Dior outlet uk has a complete line of handbags so there is a style for every woman. Christian Dior offers styles ranging from the popular hobo, shoulder bags, large shoppers, drawstring bags and their trademark saddle pouches. Christian Dior handbags come in a variety of materials from leather to fabric. Christian Dior handbags can be found online at Amazon.com, eLuxury and eBay. Christian Dior handbags can also be found at Pure Moda. This popular online store sells Dior products such as the saddle purse and the double saddle. Pure Moda also offers a wide selection of accessories such as wallets and keychains.

Remember that purchasing luxury items such as Christian Dior handbags should not be an impulse buy. These handbags are great investments and will last for years even with daily use. Shop around for the best deal and make your purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure that you receive an authentic Christian Dior handbag.

Remember too that there are a significant number of Christian Dior handbags on the market that are not authentic, but poorly made copies. Christian Dior is one of the most copied designers in the world. As there are many individuals who are looking for a cheap version of an authentic Christian Dior handbag, there are as many unscrupulous dealers willing to sell a Christian Dior ripoff for a few dollars. Additionally, these ripoffs are unlicensed copies, which means that the Christian Dior Company receives none of the profits it is entitled to, making this type of sale highly illegal. However, you can avoid making an illegal purchase of an unlicensed ripoff by shopping at a reputable dealer.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Christian Dior: The Lady Dior Collection - Urban Meets Elegant!

Who would've thought that Christian Dior handbags can be urban? The Lady Dior Collection by Christian Dior shows us a younger, trendier side. A beautiful and sophisticated line of purses, the Lady Dior offers everything from trendy street princess to chic and feminine office girl.

Take a look at the Lady Dior Cannage bag, a stunning purse that stands out in the crowd. The unique quilted stitching of the Lady Dior collection handbags looks great against the soft, supple lambskin material. The profile of the Cannage purse is chic and flattering, wide at the bottom and tapers at the top. Embellished with grommet-esque punches where the strap and handbag meets, the Cannage purse is finished with white-hot Dior charms. The finished product is hip and young, with just the right touch of elegance.

The Lady Dior Cannage handbag comes in white, black or taupe. You can find them at finer retail department stores. Priced at $1590.

The Cannage Hobo purse is also part of the Lady Dior collection. This leather handbag has a great shape that makes the best of the hobo look. With similar Cannage quilting throughout the bag and grommet punches at the straps, this Dior purse is finished with a signature "D" charm at the side. Zip top and priced at just $1145.

The small Lady Dior hobo bag offers the same beauty and elegance of its larger hobo sister purse. The small Cannage Hobo is perfect as a light purse for everyday use. Just large enough to port around your daily trinkets but small enough to go with just about anything in your closet, this hobo handbag will become a treasured part of your wardrobe. Like the larger hobo purse, the small Cannage Hobo by Christian Dior comes in white, black and pink. Priced right at $965.

The Lady Dior tote, another essential of the Lady Dior collection, offers the same versatility and beauty of the tote bag. This handbag is large enough to carry everything you need, but carries a trendy, chic look. Tapering from bottom up, there is nothing boring about this tote bag. Like the other purses in the Lady Dior collection by Christian Dior, it is adorned with a signature "D" charm and is finished off with metal embellishments. This purse is priced at $1240 in the medium size and is available in several colors.

The young and the young-at-heart will truly enjoy the Lady Dior collection. The entire collection is stunning in design and is set apart from other Christian Dior accessories and handbags. In fact, even if you're not a fan of Christian Dior designs, you'll thoroughly enjoy the Lady Dior collection and all it has to offer.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Dior Designer Handbags Leasing - A Better Option Than Buying!

"Ladies, let's face the truth - it is not always possible to have a new handbag for a new day, attitude, dress, and event. Right! The reason is, of, course their sky-scraping price. But, don't you worry, Designer purse-conscious women don't have to break their bank to buy the bags of their dream! Yes, designer handbag rental services have made it possible now," says the Senior Salesperson at SUPURSESTYLE.


Press Release: 24th April 2016: In the recent time, a high demand for fashionable purses on rent has been noticed. Yes, the style followers, who would usually get ready to pay off hundreds of dollars, are now in the hunt for a more cost-effective way to inflate their wardrobes. With some online designer handbag stores, Supursestyle being the one, it is very easy to rent Dior handbags and that just for a few dollars.

To make it clear whether to rent Dior designer handbags is practical and cost-effective; the store's owner held a press conference and asked for the feedback on their chic handbags rent services from the people over there. Miss Jolia, one of the most regular customers of Supursestyle, said that I'm in touch with them from a long time, and I found their website well-ordered in categories like lease purses and designers. The company facilitates superb, timely service and trouble-free procedures with pre-printed tags. She makes it continue and says that I liked their products' collection, the rent charges are very affordable, and I would recommend their name to my friends as well.

Be a Smart Shopper

The shoppers are advised to look beyond the straight leasing charges, as shipping along with the insurance amount can add to the bill. Well, insurance is voluntary, and it can be bought so as to cover up the potential issues like damage, loss, or too much wear & tear. At times, customers can get amazing offers like a discount on renting the second handbag or used Dior handbags for sale.

Renting Handbags is at Your Fingertips

If you are one among the super style queens and Dior handbags price seems beyond the budget to you, just go for the renting option. Search through the website to fix on your favorite one and then the agents there will do their job and find out that the purse you desire is accessible or not.

About the Company

SUPURSESTYLE is one of the well-known dior outlet uk online designer handbags' stores that showcase a beautiful range of chic clutches on rent. Also, the customers can find stylish purses on sale from the big brands. To know more about the company and their products

Thursday, 19 April 2018

You'll Be Ready for Your Close Up with an Authentic Christian Dior Handbag

Christian Dior is the definition of Paris fashion chic. An authentic Christian Dior handbag is the epitome of high fashion couture and well made craftsmanship. Maybe you've seen your favorite celebrity with one, or noticed that in the TV show "Sex and the City" Carrie was always dashing around town with her Christian Dior bag.

Now you yourself will get to experience the luxurious elegance of an authentic Christian Dior handbag, which are known to be as practical as they are pretty. Whether you choose a vintage bag featuring the famous signature repeating logo design all over, or a modern look with buttery soft leather, you'll definitely be a happy handbag fashionista.

While browsing you'll see lots of dior bags with the familiar Dior embossed logo tapestry design, there are other styles that will catch your eye, like saddle bags, hobo bags, and rare clutch purse designs. All Christian Dior handbags are exquisitely made to last a long time.

Things to look for in an authentic Christian Dior handbags: embossed logo design, textured fabric, buttery soft leather, and sturdy workmanship.

Imagine yourself walking down the street with your authentic Christian Dior handbag firmly in hand. These beautiful handbags were made for showing off and, best of all, you'll be able to fit all of your essentials into it. You are a Dior woman and proud of it!

If you're a true fan of top notch designer handbangs then, an authentic Christian Dior UK handbags will be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

First Lady's Love - Christian Dior 3D Handbag

Christian Dior, the French luxury brand, is famous for its innovative design and extravagant styles. Therefore, their products have always been enjoying the favor of many celebrities. The Dior 3D handbag, for example, is seen many times being carried by Carla Bruni, the French first lady, when she was walking with her husband.

The Dior 3D handbag belongs to the autumn and winter series for Dior UK 2018. It is featuring a concise design and dimensional structure. When one takes a first glance, he or she may not be able to recognize its subtleness. But when you take a second glance to it, you'll notice the specialty created by the three-layer flap design, which gives one a vivid stereoscopic vision effect. Giving the 3-D effect a higher level is the central mental lock catch, which is craved with the abbreviation of the brand logo. It is quite a unique design.

There is one removable single strap on the Dior 3-D handbag. It is designed with mental loop locks on the both ends near the top of the bag, which gives the bag and the strap some decorative effects. The strap could be adjusted to the shoulder length, or a length to be held on the arm or even removed to work as a clutch. It is multifunctional and decorative.

There are various versions available. Some of them are in black, while some are in white. Others look metallic or filbert. The materials include the lizard skin, the python skin, the crocodile skin and even the Russian lamp skin etc. The Dior 3D handbag is made into two different sizes, the medium one and the small one. To conclude, the Dior 3D handbag could certainly meet the different requirements of different people. No wonder even the First Lady of France loves it so much.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Classic Beauty Of A Dior Handbag

For women, there's no greater luxury than designer clothing - those beautiful outfits we wait for every season - brought to us by design houses that are synonymous with upscale fashion. But just as designer clothes are revered and desired, so are designer handbags. What may be a functional accessory for some, is a fashion statement for others. And for those people, the Dior handbag rates high on the list of desirable handbags.

French designer, Christian Dior, opened his first design house in 1949 in New York City. But his designs began years before that - embraced by an audience hungry for new creativity. Before long, Dior was a name inseparable from high fashion and enthusiasts awaited the new pieces that were added to the collection year after year. But before long, the Dior handbag was a part of the Dior collection - a glamorous and functional accessory that was eagerly awaited by consumers.

The Dior handbag is so revered because of its quality and style. The handbag reflects the commitment to quality demonstrated by everything that carries the Dior name. And the style of each handbag is attractive and unique. Whether you need an evening bag to complement a formal outfit, or carry-all bag for a weekend away, the Dior handbag will meet your needs with style, sophistication, and quality.

These superior handbags can be found in high-end department stores and exclusive boutiques - or even ordered online. Of course, a designer name carries a designer price tag; and for those interested in the Dior handbag, the price often makes a purchase cost-prohibitive. In an effort to save some money, some consumers will look for deeply discounted deals in a variety of places. But it is important to ensure that you are purchasing the real Dior handbag and not a replica that disreputable companies make in order to turn a profit. A genuine Dior handbag - while pricey - is worth the expense.

Classic and sophisticated, the Dior outlet uk handbags will never go out of style as it adapts to changing styles and sets new ones as the world waits to see what will come next.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Christian Dior Handbags Are the Definition of Classic Beauty

If you look up the definition of the word classic in the dictionary, you will see other words like quality, standard and enduring. Then you look up the definition of beauty and you see words like pleasure, satisfaction and meaningful. All of these words combined describe all of the pieces in the Christian Dior handbag line! I just bought my first Dior bag and for the first time, I feel like I have made a very wise investment. So, in honor of the haute couture house, here is a quick and impressive history of Christian Dior and how he made Paris the city of fashion.

Christian Dior immersed himself in his drawings when he was small and then blossomed into a designer when he took a job with Robert Piguet. Years passed, Dior fought in the war, then returned to designing. In 1947, everything changed. Marcel Bousssan convinced Dior to join him in the couture world. He assigned him the task of 90 new designs and on February 12, Dior presented Corolle, which means ring of petals and perfectly described the feminine and flower-like dresses. The media fell in love and named Dior's line the New Look.

During the 1950's, Christian grew his empire to include perfumes, stockings, ties and handbags. In 1957, he died of a heart attack, but the Dior name would live on. Yves St. Laurent, Christian's longtime assistant, took over as head designer and introduced the Trapeze dress. When St. Laurent left for military duty, March Bohan filled in and introduced Baby Dior, knitwear and menswear.

In 1997 another monumental event occurred in the House of Dior. Juan Carlos Galliano (professionally known as John Galliano) one of the most influential designers of our time, took over as Chief Designer. Galliano has given the fashion world the most whimsical, romantic and colorful shows, starting with his first show where he replicated Christian Dior's showroom from the 40's as the backdrop.

So with all of this amazing history, it is no wonder that Dior is still the name that women turn to when they need to feel classic and beautiful. The latest Galliano line featured the most beautiful handbags that I have ever feasted my eyes on. Ruffles, khaki, quilted leather and exotic skins made for some really different looking handbags! I hope that knowing more about the lasting impression of Christian Dior has convinced you that it is worth it to invest in a Christian Dior handbag. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Christian Dior Designer Bags

Christian Dior established The House of Dior in 1947, backed by Marcel Boussac. Dior's initial show was on February 12, 1947, and it was an instant success, surprising the fashion world with its elegance, luxuriousness and femininity.

In 1950, Dior bags established a number of licenses for luxury goods, including handbags. The classic, opulent style of the Dior haute couture is echoed in the Dior leather goods, making them the perfect choice for most occasions from cocktail parties to business meetings.

Black Designer Leather Saddle Handbag

This bag is perfect for traveling, shopping and work. It combines contemporary design with functionality. It's attractive black calfskin leather is accentuated with gold tone hardware. Completing the look is a dangling logo stirrup charm in brushed gold. The saddle shape of this bag has become the signature of this designer The use of the designer logo attached to the shoulder straps has made this bag a collector's must have.

The interior is fully lined and features a zipper pocket. There is another pocket with a magnetic snap on the back of the bag, while the front features a Velcro closure for easy access. The leather shoulder strap has an 8 inch drop for easy and comfortable carrying. This beautiful Italian made saddle bag is 10 inches long, 7.5 inches high and 2.5 inches wide.

Black Special Shape Handbag

This is a truly stunning style bag crafted in gorgeous gathered black lambskin leather with silver tone hardware and double rolled leather handles with a 4.5 inch drop. The front of the bag features a dangling designer logo charm in silver tone metal.

The fully lined interior of this bag is very roomy and functional owing to the design and interior zipper and slide pockets. The top of the bag features zipper closure with leather zipper pulls, so it is both easy to access and secure.

The bag was designed by John Galliano, who drew inspiration for both the design and the name from the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy.This Italian made bag is 16 inches long, 6 inches high and 8.25 inches wide.

Purple Hobo Handbag

This gorgeous hobo style bag is a perfect addition to any outfit. The vibrant purple color will enliven any wardrobe and will also complement other bright colors. The bag has been crafted in violet logo fabric and black leather detail. The shoulder strap has been beautifully crafted in intricately designed purple leather. The front of the bag features two buckle closure pockets and a dangling silver tone designer charm.

The top features a magnetic snap closure. The fully lined interior has separate pockets and a cell phone pocket. This stunning Italian made hobo bag is 11.5 inches long, 7.5 inches high and 3.5 inches wide.

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Saturday, 14 April 2018

The Best Prom Handbag This Season is a Christian Dior Handbag!

Ok, girls, it's time to get serious about prom! We need to find a dress first, then shoes, accessories, a handbag, a hair stylist and a makeup artist. Is someone calling a limo company and making a hotel reservation? Yes, there is a lot of planning that goes into prom, but it is worth it because if you plan every detail, you will have the most amazing night of your life! Now, there might be some drama, like another girl might have your same dress or your date brings you an ugly corsage, but stay cool and you will be the shining star of the night!

So, you should already have the dress and considering that handbags are the most important accessory, let's talk about why you need a Christian Dior bag for prom. You might already own a Dior or you might not want to copy the girls that have one, but listen up... Christian Dior handbags are the hottest thing out right now and you need to be most fashionable girl at the prom!

Now that you have decided that you will buy a Dior to complete your fabulous outfit, which one do you choose? One of my favorites is their black evening bag with Swarovski crystals on the chain. Clutches are all over the runways and this clutch is the one that everyone wants. If your dress is pink, you have to buy the Lady Dior in pink. Not only is this bag quilted (like the quilted Tory Burch flat that everyone has), but it comes with silver charms! These are just some of my favs, hopefully you love them too!

If you still need more Christian Dior handbag options, one of the best ways to find them is to go on YouTube and watch the Dior runway shows from fashion week. That's how I find all of the newest bags and you will also see tons of great hair and makeup ideas that you can use when you are getting your hair and makeup done. I hope that reading this has helped you find the perfect Dior outlet uk for your dress and I know that you will be so happy with your choice, especially with all of the looks that you'll get from the other girls!

My final advice is make sure that you show this article to your mom... as soon as she reads it she will agree that a Dior bags is exactly what you need to complete your outfit!

Dior Outlet UK Be Authentic and Unique in a Dior Saddle Bag

Christian Dior has always been the name to look for when you want a high-quality handbag that exudes with functionality and style. The man d...